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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
6F4102IBItem Branch File
7F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
8F41021LIItem Location File
9F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
10F0006MCBusiness Unit Master

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F4211SDSales Order Detail File
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0101ABAddress Book Master
5F0911GLAccount Ledger
6F4102IBItem Branch File
7F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
10F4111ILItem Ledger File

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
4F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
5F4211SDSales Order Detail File
6F42119SDSales Order History File
7F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
8F0902GBAccount Balances
9F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
10F4801WAWork Order Master File
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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP05: Time Accounting and HRM Base
1F0609Deduction/Benefit/Accrual Ledger File11Y$DEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
2F0618Employee Transaction History62YTDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
3F0619Benefit/Accrual Detail File11Y$DEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
4F069116Payroll Transaction Constants15YCDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
5F069216Workers Compensation Insurance Rates6YBDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
6F06936Retro Pay Types Rate12JADEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
7F0709Deduction/Benefit/Accrual Ledger File13Y$DEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
TOP05T: Time Entry
8F06116Employee Transaction Detail File62YTDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
9F06116Z1Employee Transactions - Batch File73VLDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
10F06116Z2ESS Timecard History73VMDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
11F0624Burden Distribution File16J#DEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
12F06241Burden Distribution File16J#DEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
13F06278Retro Timecard Detail File59YTDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
TOP07: Payroll
14F063106Deduction/Benefit Work File21Y7DEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
15F06490Payroll/Accounts Payable Ledger Detail16JRDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
16F071072Employee Level Multi Child Support Overrides3JXDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
17F0719DBA Transaction Detail History13Y$DEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
18F0724Burden Distribution File19YSDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
19F07241Burden Distribution File19YSDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
20F0729Employee DBA Override Instructions10Y9DEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
21F07490Payroll - Accounts Payable Detail (One World)16JRDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
22F07901Pre-Payroll DBA Calculation Control Table1Y5DEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
23F07UI200Timecard History Work File65THDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
TOP08AD: ADP Integration
24F051375ADP Payroll DBA Transaction Constants17ADDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
TOP18: Resource Scheduling
25F186602Labor Rules Tag File72TFDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10
TOP48S: Service Billing
26F48S0618Payroll Reclassification Workfile62YTDEDMMethod of CalculationCharacterUDC10

User Defined Codes are, by design, customisable and thus will differ from system to system depending on the business requirements.

TOPUDC 06 / DM (Method of Calculation Codes) stock values

ValueDescriptionSpecial Handling CodeHard Coded
1         $Flat Amount
2         %Percent Based on Gross
3         0Table - Withholding Periods
4         1Table - Salary Range
5         2Table - Date Range
6         3Table - Age (Calc. by DOB)Y
7         4Table - Hours Basis
8         5Table - Pieces Basis
9         6Table - Variable Months
10         7Workers Comp. Ins. Table
11         8Table - Gross Pay
12         9Table - Age (FAGE field)Y
13         CChild SupportY
14         DRate times Days
15         EPrior Fiscal Year
16         FFiscal Year-to-Date
17         GGarnishmentsY
18         HRate times Hours
19         IRate times Pieces
20         KEmployee LoanY
21         LLeviesY
22         PRate times Hours, Drop 1/2 Hrs
23         QRate times 1/2 Hours
24         RRate times Hours, Round 1/2 Hr
25         SMaximum Net PayY
26         TMinimum Net Pay
27         WHours times hours
28         XPieces time Pieces